Which website blueprint is right for me?

The time has come for you to get a website for your small or medium business. With money as tight as ever, you’ve opted for a website blueprint: a ready-made, fully-functional and customizable site. But with so many blueprints to choose from, which one is right for you?
It all depends on what you want to get out of it, and more importantly, what your customers will get out of it. To determine that, ask yourself a few questions:
Take a look at what your industry is doing. A website designed with real estate in mind wouldn’t suit a home security company, and vice versa.
While the description of the website blueprint might not describe your exact line of work, the blueprints are flexible enough to meet your needs regardless. A photography blueprint would certainly work for an art gallery or architect firm, either of which would have plenty of photos to show off.

What Type of Layout Would Best Suit Your Needs?

The design and layout of your website blueprint determines how information is laid out. There are a few factors to consider here.
One is content width design. Most websites today offer two types of content width, full or boxed. A full-width design is when the background image stretches the full width of your screen, no matter which screen you’re using. These are good for mobile devices. Boxed width is when your content has visible frames on the left and right. This is better suited for business-oriented websites, as it feels more traditional and professional.
Another consideration is your site’s header layout. This is usually the first thing your customers will see, so you want to make sure it makes an impact. Header layouts vary, and can range from a simple logo and menu bar to headers that contain slideshows or even video.
Speaking of the menu bar, how do you want yours laid out? It is the primary tool to guide your customers where you want them to go, so ensure you opt for a website blueprint that contains the right navigation in the right order to suit your needs.
A final consideration to make when it comes to layout is the overall usability and experience that comes from your pre-built site. Your site should not only be attractive, it should fit your requirements, with a responsive and mobile-friendly design.

How Customizable Do You Want it?

Most website blueprints out there today, including those offered by Launch By SIVA, allow you to customize certain elements. This helps match the site to your existing brand. You’ll be able to choose from a range of colours and fonts, and supply your own images like your company’s logo.
Consider the features you want included in your site. Website blueprints come with a variety of features, and you should start by eliminating the ones you don’t need. The photographer blueprint offered by Launch by SIVA contains a feature that allows easier Instagram integration, for example.

In The End, The Choice Is Yours

Once you’re able to confidently answer these questions, you’re well on your way to getting the website you want. More importantly, you’ll get the website you need. Now, browse through our catalogue of website blueprints and let us know which one would suit you best!

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