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Launch Blueprints are better. Sorry, not sorry. Check out the comparison chart, here.
We create 5 to 10 new blueprints each month.
Tons. A dashboard, weekly and monthly coaching sessions, ticketing support, and a sales tool kit filled with tips and tricks, case studies, and testimonials.

Everything you need! Payouts, recent activity, site visits, stats, graphs, assets for promoting your Affiliate Partner site, and more!

Your Affiliate Partner landing page is designed to showcase the Launch Blueprints you’ll be selling. Adding additional services would make it less focused. However, you may add a link to your website in the “About Us” section.

Yes! When you complete your onboarding, you decide what blueprints you want to feature and which ones to hide.
You maintain your customer relationship, and we support you with a ticketing system where you can submit support requests!

Affiliate Partners earn 30% commission on every single blueprint sale.