Launch Partner Program

Partner With Launch

Provide your clients with a service you can’t do alone and grow your organization at the same time.

Who We Work With

Our partners know their clients sometimes need affordable yet effective solutions. Our partners want to grow their business while helping others succeed. Our partners want to provide clients with beauty and function. Our partners want to evolve with us.

Marketing Companies that want to be marketing agencies

Business Coaches and Consultants

Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade

Those working with small businesses

Freelance designers and content creators

Do We Have Your Attention Yet?

There Are Two Options

Referral Partner

Our referral partners earn a share of the profits from every client sent our way.
Referral partners can enjoy steady income or a lump-sum payment, dependent on whether the client leases or buys a Launch blueprint.

Referral partners work with Launch to provide their clients with quality products at a price they can afford.

Reseller Program Partner

Our reseller partners are granted a Launch dashboard and landing page to be used to sell Launch blueprints.

Every Launch blueprint sold will earn resellers real money, allowing these resellers to learn and grow as they go.

Our reseller partners operate independently under our guidance to ensure a standard of quality expected from a Launch blueprint.

What’s in it for You?

Referral Partner

Referral Partners receive a promo code that their referral can use for discounts on our blueprints. Referral partners receive a cut of whatever their referral spends!

Whether buying a site outright or leasing on a minimum 24-month term, Referral Partners will reap the benefits.

Tangible benefits for you and your clients, through a partnership with Launch.

Reseller Program Partner

Reseller Program Partners will receive cash incentives for every website purchased through a purpose-built Launch landing page. Resellers will be provided with individualized promo code that can be used any way Reseller Program Partners see fit.

Want to give your client a discount off their product? That’s cool! Rather keep it for yourself? We won’t tell!

Provide your clients with a high-quality product you wouldn’t be able to alone, with a Launch partnership.

Want to Work With Us?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Refer as many as you’d like! You’ll get the same compensation from each client who signs up with Launch.

All Launch By Siva clients (who don’t buy their site in full) sign a minimum 24-month lease, and you’d receive a portion of their discounted fees per month! However, once the 24 months are up, even if your referral renews, this is where our agreement ends. Unless you refer us more clients, of course!
You’ll be provided with a promo code unique to you, good for 10% off any blueprint at The promo code, used at the point of purchase, lets us know who pointed this client in the right direction.
Not quite. Each landing page provided by Launch By Siva must contain the words “Launch By” followed by your company name. For example, Launch By Apple.
Generally, it is the reseller’s responsibility to provide a quality customer experience on our behalf, but things do happen. We encourage our resellers to be the point-of-contact for their clients, but we are here to answer any resellers’ questions.
For $1,500, we set you up with a Launch By [Your Name Here] landing page along with a back end dashboard. After that, it’s $500 a month, which includes hosting, maintenance, and access to new blueprints as they become available at Launch By Siva. $500 a month might sound steep, but sell just two blueprints and you’re already breaking even.
Technically, you get four promo codes, depending on how you want to share the love. For example, PROMO1 gives you the option of getting 30% of the website’s cost in your pocket after it is sold. PROMO2 means you get 20% of the price, while your client gets a 10% discount off their site. PROMO3 means they get a 20% discount, while you get 10% of the sale, and PROMO4 would see your client get a full 30% off their purchase, while you get the satisfaction of a job well done.

Still Have Questions?