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Mobile-Friendly Website Design: How To And Why It’s Important

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions our clients have for us—so we answered them here for you!
Absolutely! We set you up with an easy to use Dashboard so you can make your own changes. If you prefer we make the changes for you, we offer competitive website maintenance pricing.
Yes and no. We can’t make stuff up so we definitely need your input. Our in-house copywriters are happy to take your bullet points and finesse them into beautiful sentences as well as check for spelling and grammar errors.
Yes! That’s why we built them. Most templates are resold over 300,000 times around the globe, which means a lot of duplicate content. Google hates duplicate content. These Blueprints are designed to provide you with the best SEO experience with budget in mind.
Yes – If you lease your Blueprint. No – If you own your Blueprint. Our hosting is only $19.99/month and is extremely secure.
Learn More About Hosting.

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