Provide industry-specific, mind-blowing websites to the clients you already service and some you don’t!

We’re The Super To Your Hero

Turn a loss Into a win and keep doing what you do best.
Leave the websites to us.
Do you have clients that aren’t tech savvy?

Easily direct clients to order their website through your very own custom branded Launch Partner site.

Do you want to maintain and build your relationships?

You’re not referring them somewhere else. You’re providing the website.

Are you tired of turning down opportunities?

Expand your capacity, while keeping all your clients. You’re now a one-stop shop.

Are you looking for new ways to expand and grow?

Another revenue stream for your business. Every sale is money in your pocket.

Count On Launch,
So Your Clients Can Count On You

Derek Beaudoin

They worked with us to create a terrific website through their Launch product and kept us involved and informed throughout the process from start to finish.  Our finished product was exactly what we were looking to achieve. [Launch] hit the nail on the head and we couldn’t be more pleased.

Elizabeth Schiller

Amazing group of people. Very professional and creative. Great value! I am loving my new website.

John Remmo

From start to finish, this company is amazing. The team is very responsive to any questions you may have during the process. You want your business and sales to increase? Call them! I am extremely happy with our two websites and can’t wait to get the ball rolling for 2022.

Do You Qualify To Become A Launch Partner?

Find out if you can start earning more through website sales, in less than a minute (if you type really, really fast).

Quick and Easy

The process is simple and your
clients get their website in just 10 days.  A brand new professional calibre website that is easy to update and maintain. No tech skills required.

Designed To Blow Minds

so your client isn’t stuck with a boring, milk toast template website. Blueprints are customized and conversion focused.

Support That Makes A Difference

Copywriters and developers work together with your client, making sure their new site is SEO optimized, and kicks all kinds of ass.

We’ll Do The Work, You Get The Credit.

Coding For a Cause

An annual contest handing out ridiculously awesome websites in three separate categories.

A Non-Profit

A Barrie Chamber of
Commerce Member

A Conexx

For Free. Seriously.


Launch Blueprints are better. Sorry, not sorry. Check out the comparison chart, here.
We create 5 to 10 new blueprints each month.
Tons. A dashboard, weekly and monthly coaching sessions, ticketing support, and a sales tool kit filled with tips and tricks, case studies, and testimonials.
Everything you need! Payouts, recent activity, site visits, stats, graphs, assets for promoting your reseller site, and more!

Your Affiliate Partner landing page is designed to showcase the Launch Blueprints you’ll be selling. Adding additional services would make it less focused. However, you may add a link to your website in the “About Us” section.

Yes! When you complete your onboarding, you decide what blueprints you want to feature and which ones to hide.
You maintain your customer relationship, and we support you with a ticketing system where you can submit support requests!

Affiliate Partners earn 30% commission on every single blueprint sale.